Paul Johns

This is the portfolio and personal website of Paul Johns. Thank you for visiting.

Skull with TrianglesIllustration
Hand of GloryIllustration
Sirena WineBranding
Skull with Concentric CirclesPrint
ASPCA Advertisement ProjectDesign
Business CardPrint
Faceted SkullIllustration
The OutsiderPrint
3D Experiment#1Print

About Me

Pleased to meet you, I'm Paul Johns.

I'm a graphic/web designer by day and night in the great city of Los Angeles. When I'm not working, I'm partying hard with my amazing wife and two awesome kids. I love all things horror, and I watch as many horror movies as time allows. I'm also a bit of a photographer.

One of my lifelong passions is visual art, and this website that you're currently visiting was designed and coded by me as a place to share my creations. I hope you enjoy what you see. Thanks.

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